Gourmet Coffee Services
Specialized Coffee Brewing Equipment Sales and Service
Gourmet Coffee Services
46956 Liberty Dr, Wixom, MI 48393
46956 Liberty Dr, Wixom, MI 48393
Your day is filled with decisions to keep your restaurants running
smoothly and ensures customers enjoy quality food, beverages and
service. GCS takes brewed-beverage concerns off your plate by
providing trusted national brands, reliable brewing equipment.

A Route Sales Representative who takes care of everything from
delivery schedules to inventory, and a responsive service technician
dedicated to your success. We’re here to help make your days start
and end with happy customers and the assurance you’re delivering
quality brewed beverages.

We sell and service these name brands.
Thermal AirPot Brewers
The equipment you choose can greatly influence the quality of your workplace coffee. Thermal airpot
brewers dispense fresh-brewed coffee directly into insulated containers that maintain optimal
temperature and quality for several hours to ensure employee and guest satisfaction. Available in
automatic models that attach to a water line and deliver great coffee with the push of a button or
pour-over models that evenly saturate coffee to extract maximum flavor.
Glass Pot Brewers
Classic glass pot brewers optimize coffee quality and flavor, they’re easy to use and they need
minimal maintenance and service. Available in automatic models that attach to a water line to deliver
great-tasting pots of coffee with the push of a button or pour-over models that evenly saturate the
coffee to extract maximum flavor.
Espresso And Cappuccino Machines are solidly manufactured for long lasting use, durability and
dependability. Wide selection of Plumbed-In higher volume machines that require installation to
existing plumbing lines, Pour Over machines that are filled manually and do not require plumbing or
installation or Semi-Automatic machines that return unused water to the reservoir. Features vary per
model. Available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 group types with .47 to 26.5 liter boiling capacities, Red, Black,
Chrome, Black/Chrome or Red/Chrome color finishes and various dimensional sizes.
Cappuccino & Espresso Machines
Talk about personalization! Your employees and guests will love the wide variety of high-quality
coffees, teas and flavored drinks available from single-cup brewers made by Keurig®, FLAVIA® and
Javarama®. They’re reliable and easy to clean so your beverage station will stay in top working order.
Beverages are packaged individually for freshness and ready in less than a minute.
Single Cup Brewers
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